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  • How to apply the science of motivation and peak performance used in athletics, music, business, and NASA to your marriage for results that stick.
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Angela Cool, Ph.D.

  • Dr. Cool is a relationship and health psychologist; consultant; infidelity recovery expert; and creator of the Bulletproof Couple BlueprintTM.
  • With a step-by-step Whole Life Formula,TM couples realize the optimal version of themselves in their relationships and create strong, secure, and energetic marriages that actually THRIVE going forward.



What Clients are Saying…

Almost exactly a year ago my world was turned upside down. I remember talking to Dr. Cool on the phone and I had a thousand emotions going through my heart and a thousand thoughts going through my head…and none of which made sense.  The past year has been a roller coaster… I have cried more than I ever knew possible. For the first time in my life felt raw and vulnerable, fell in love again when I thought that hope was gone, and have seen God’s graces up close.

I still have days where I wonder “why” and I will never have the level of trust I once did… and I’ve realized that is probably okay too.  And now there is also a level of honesty in our relationship that is present where it had not been before. I know that Eric and I couldn’t have done it without her, and I am so thankful for her help and her ability to express my thoughts when I had no idea how or what to say… we are so thankful for her and for what she does.

Katherine C.

Dr. Cool is very professional and honest with her clients. Her expertise goes beyond your expectations and she is multi-faceted when it comes to her ideas. I learned a lot about myself and she helped me get past some very dark spots in my life, but that’s not what I appreciate her the most for. She helped my husband and I learn how to communicate and minimize arguments between us. She also helped both of us professionally in our careers too. The best part is she kept both of us in line, she never picked sides or appeared to favor one of us. She was also on our relationship’s side.

I have not had much experience with other therapists, but one thing I know for sure she does different is her holistic approach… She understands that there are several factors that impact our state of mind and our relationships, and she addresses all of them.

The process is not about “having problems,” it’s about learning to be a better you, and Dr. Cool does an excellent job making you a better professional, spouse, and human. Additionally, don’t expect her to coddle you, she is direct and honest. I appreciate that about Dr. Cool the most and it’s what I would say is her best attribute when helping people.

Elise H.

I cannot express how happy we are! That happiness directly increases my thankfulness for Dr. Cool’s help and my recognition of what an unmitigated blessing it was. I struggle for words, and everything seems like a cheap platitude in comparison to how Anna and I both feel. Our happiness and sense of blessings is an ocean, deep and wide, and it feels like I am describing a sip of water, but even that is insufficient to describe the difference.

That ocean is rooted in our love of good things, God, and each other most of all. She helped us through our worst, helped us recapture and reorient ourselves, always toward good things. It reminds me of the verse that says there is more rejoicing in Heaven at the salvation of a wicked man than at the annointing of twenty righteous men. Thank you. For not giving up on me, Anna, or our marriage, from the bottom of our heart, thank you. We are actively, happily, discussing starting a family. It is so special to be in this place.

Michael T.

With Dr. Cool’s help, we’ve both come so far.  We are keeping up with our new habits. It’s so nice to be open and honest and have no hurtful secrets at all. We can laugh and joke, and our friends really notice how good and strong we are. It’s fantastic!

We will never forget what Dr. Cool taught and showed us. It has pivoted our lives onto an unreservedly better and sweeter course. I was telling Alicia the other day that it feels difficult to keep from dancing sometimes. We both often have moments like that. We’re both so happy, and we love it. We are so thankful to her for believing in us!

Brian K.

The benefits my husband and I saw/see are priceless. Dr. Cool saved our marriage when I was confident there was no hope. She helped us understand ourselves, our feelings, and each other, and address the issues that were putting a wedge in our marriage. Just as importantly, she has given us resources to continue to keep our marriage as a priority. I can’t say we are perfect, but I can say that when I’m frustrated, I think back to words she had spoken and activities she taught us to do and act on them.

I would say I highly recommend Dr. Cool. I wanted to be able to tell my children that I did everything I could to save the marriage I had with their father. I felt hopeless and betrayed and I honestly had no expectation that our marriage would ever recover, but I did it for our kids.

Dr. Cool did more then help my marriage, she brought back my best friend–the love of my life. We had forgotten how to love each other and when I think back to those days, it scares me how quickly I was going to throw away something so great. So, I would say – DO IT – give it a shot! It cannot hurt and if anything, you can say you gave 100%.

Rebecca S.

She saved my marriage. I felt comfortable and didn’t feel held back from telling the truth. She is honest, easy to talk to, and has a “way with words.” Nothing to be scared of and has an uncanny knack for telling you things without the telling so to speak.

Lisa W.

I gained hope from working with Dr. Cool. She is amazing and honest. She gives practical tools and advice you can use in your everyday life. She understands affairs and how to come out of them happier and healthier. My wife and I had been to two other doctors before Dr. Cool’s program and she actually helped us. We looked forward to the weekly modules and our coaching sessions.

I would tell people to please work with her. Not only to save your relationship, but to help you gain understanding and healing.

David A.